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Gifts & Engravables JDS Industries, Inc.Champion Rings & InsertsMetal Rings with Gold Finish and Activity Inserts.JDS Industries, Inc.Champion Ring SAMPLE SET #RINGSET31 of each Ring size (6-15), 1 of each Ring Insert, 1 DTCHAIN3, 1 of each Ring Insert Holder, 2 540-60 & 2 RBX01Case Qty: 5- Order rings & activity inserts separately.- Inserts fit all ring sizes.- Gel based SuperGlueTM type adhesives recommended.CHR21GGold Baseball/Softball Champion Ring InsertCHR22GGold Basketball Champion Ring InsertCHR23GGold Bowling Champion Ring InsertCHR27GGold Martial Arts Champion Ring InsertCHR25GGold Football Champion Ring InsertCHR26GGold Golf Champion Ring InsertCHR24GGold Cheer Champion Ring InsertCHR28GGold Soccer Champion Ring InsertCHR29GGold Star Champion Ring InsertCHR30GGold Tennis Champion Ring InsertCHR31GGold Wrestling Champion Ring InsertCHR32PKPink Cut Glass Champion Ring InsertCHR32CLRWhite Cut Glass Champion Ring InsertCHR33GHGold Bling Champion Ring Insert HolderCase Qty: 5CHR32GNGreen Cut Glass Champion Ring InsertCHR32BUBlue Cut Glass Champion Ring InsertCHR32RDRed Cut Glass Champion Ring InsertShown complete with CHR33GH, 540-60 and Champion RingCHR34GHGold Champion Ring Insert Holder Case Qty: 5Sublimatable Insert!540-603/4" x 5/8" White DynaSubTM Ring Insert Case Qty: 10C113Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Gifts & Engravables

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