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Gifts & Engravables JDS Industries, Inc.All Star Baseball HoldersJDS Industries, Inc.All Star Baseball Holder is made of clear plastic and holds a regulation size baseball. Holder attachesto any trophy using traditional hardware or directly to a base using H84 bolt. The holder is 3 5/8" tall. Ball not included.Case Qty: 6ALS23 5/8" Tall Baseball Holder Case Qty: 100Assembled ExamplePre-Assembled All Star Baseball HoldersPre-Assembled Baseball Holder is a clear plastic baseball holder mounted to a base. Completed items are individually boxed.Ball not included.H841" Bolt for All Star Baseball Holder Case Qty: 100ALS21ALS2 Baseball Holder on a BAS33 Cherry Finish Base Size: 4 1/2"ALS23ALS2 Baseball Holder on a WPB33BK Black Plastic Base Size: 4 1/2"CC117Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Gifts & Engravables

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