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2018 Components Catalog Gifts & EngravablesRosewood Piano Finish ClocksAll Rosewood Piano Finish Clocks are high quality, highly polished desk clocks. All Rosewood Piano Finish desk clocks include a Quartz clock with gold bezel. Clock features second hand timing and alarm. All Rosewood Piano Finish desk clocks are individually boxed.Clocks include AA batteries. Plates are not included.CCase Qty: 10T001Arch Desk Clock Size: 4" x 5"T007Desk Clock with Gold Metal ColumnsSize: 8 1/4" x 7 1/2"For Laserable Leatherette Clocks see page 63.T004T061Horizontal Desk Clock Size: 71/2"x4"Mantel Desk Clock Size: 71/2"x41/2"Where Your Business Is Always Appreciated130J JGifts & Engravables

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