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Acrylic Awards JDS Industries, Inc. JDS Industries, Inc.Tower AcrylicsTower Acrylics are 2" thick, self-standing and are individually boxed.JDS Industries, Inc.Clear SAMPLE SET #TWRSET1 Blue SAMPLE SET #TWRSET1BU Gold SAMPLE SET #TWRSET1GCase Qty: 2TWR32Size: 3"x10" Clear Tower AcrylicTWR33Size: 3"x12" Clear Tower AcrylicTWR32BUSize: 3"x10" Blue Tower AcrylicTWR33BUSize: 3"x12" Blue Tower AcrylicTWR32GSize: 3"x10" Gold Tower AcrylicTWR33GSize: 3"x12" Gold Tower AcrylicRiptide AcrylicsRiptide Acrylics are 1 7/8" thick, self standing and are individually boxed. Case Qty: 6Silver SAMPLE SET # RTSET1S Blue SAMPLE SET # RTSET1BU Gold SAMPLE SET # RTSET1GCCRT11SSize: 3"x8"Silver Riptide AcrylicRT12SSize: 31/2"x9" Silver Riptide AcrylicRT11BUSize: 3"x8"Blue Riptide AcrylicRT12BUSize: 31/2"x9" Blue Riptide AcrylicRT11GSize: 3"x8"Gold Riptide AcrylicRT12GSize: 31/2"x9" Gold Riptide Acrylic159Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerAcrylic Awards

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