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2018 Components Catalog Acrylic AwardsFusion Impress AcrylicsIncludes adhesive on acrylic bottom for permanent attachment. Acrylics are individually boxed and shipped unattachedfrom the base. Size listed includes base. Blanks are 3/4" thick.8" Fusion Diamond SAMPLE SET #iMP117SET 7" Fusion Wave SAMPLE SET #iMP119SET 7"FusionRectangleSAMPLESET#iMP121SETiMP116BU Size: 7" iMP117BU Size: 8" iMP118BU Size: 9" Blue FusionDiamond Impress AcryliciMP119BUSize: 7" iMP120BUSize: 8"Blue Fusion WaveImpress AcryliciMP121BU Size: 7" iMP122BU Size: 8"Blue Fusion Rectangle Impress AcrylicCaseQty: 6CGLASSBASE!iMP116G Size: 7" iMP117G Size: 8" iMP118G Size: 9" Gold Fusion DiamondImpress AcrylicFOR ADDED WEIGHTiMP116S Size: 7" iMP117S Size: 8" iMP118S Size: 9" Silver Fusion DiamondImpress AcryliciMP119G Size: 7" iMP120G Size: 8"Gold Fusion WaveImpress AcryliciMP119S Size: 7" iMP120S Size: 8"Silver Fusion WaveImpress AcrylicPeel & Stick!iMP121GSize: 7" iMP122GSize: 8"Gold Fusion Rectangle Impress AcryliciMP121S Size: 7" iMP122S Size: 8"Silver Fusion Rectangle Impress AcrylicWhere Your Business Is Always Appreciated164J JAcrylic Awards

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