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Gifts & Engravables JDS Industries, Inc.Laserable Flask Gift Sets with Funnel6 oz. Stainless Steel with a variety of  nishes for lasering.JDS Industries, Inc.Flask Gift Set SAMPLE SET #FSKSET5Laserable 6 oz. FlasksStainless Steel Flasks covered in a textured material for laser engraving.Includes 1 of each FSK670 Series Flask Gift SetFSK671SET *Stainless Steel Case Qty: 1FSK672SETMatte Black Case Qty: 1FSK673SETGloss Red Case Qty: 1Each flask and funnel comes packaged in an attractive gift box.FSK674SETGloss Blue Case Qty: 1FSK675SETLeather Case Qty: 1FSK612Dark Gray/Orange Case Qty: 10FSK613Light Black/Gold Case Qty: 10FSK614Black Velvet/Gold Case Qty: 10Charmwith sublimatable 1" Insert. See pages 449-453, 577-582 & 615.Insert Area Flask & Wine Glass CharmsCustomizable Flask and Wine Glass Charms are great for personalization.Reverse ViewCCCFlask has a 2" recessed insert area.FSK701 *6 oz. Stainless Steel 2" Insert FlaskCase Qty: 10Holds a 1" Insert.Completed Exampleusing 544-60 sublimatable white DynaSubTM disc.GFT0061" Insert Holder Wine Glass Charm Inserts sold separately Size: 1 1/4" Case Qty: 617Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Gifts & Engravables

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