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2018 Components Catalog Acrylic AwardsSelf Standing Halo AcrylicsSelf Standing Halo Acrylics are 1" thick and available in 2 sizes. Case Qty: 10Blue Oval SAMPLE SET #HALOSET2BU Gold Oval SAMPLE SET #HALOSET2GD Blue Fan SAMPLE SET #HALOSET3BU Gold Fan SAMPLE SET #HALOSET3GD Blue Round SAMPLE SET #HALOSET4BU Gold Round SAMPLE SET #HALOSET4GDPremier Acrylic is the Ultimate way to Recognize the Highest Achievement.HAL201G Size: 7" HAL202G Size: 8" Gold Oval Halo AcrylicHAL301BU Size: 7" HAL302BU Size: 8" Blue Fan Halo AcrylicHAL301G Size: 7" HAL302G Size: 8" Gold Fan Halo AcrylicHAL201BU Size: 7" HAL202BU Size: 8" Blue Oval Halo AcrylicCHAL401G Size: 5 3/8" HAL402G Size: 6 3/8" Gold Round Halo AcrylicHAL401BU Size: 5 3/8" HAL402BU Size: 6 3/8" Blue Round Halo AcrylicWhere Your Business Is Always Appreciated182J JAcrylic Awards

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