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Gifts & Engravables JDS Industries, Inc.Laserable Leatherette Wine Tool SetsBlack lasers to either gold or silver. Rustic lasers to gold. All other colors laser to black.CJDS Industries, Inc.Case Qty: 6Shown ClosedWTL17 Rosé ShownNEWWTL11Light Brown 2-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL12Dark Brown 2-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL13ABlack/Gold 2-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL19Black/Silver 2-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL14Rawhide 2-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL15Gray 2-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL17Rosé 2-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL18Pink 2-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL20Rustic/Gold 2-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL31WTL32Dark Brown 3-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL33ABlack/Gold 3-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL34Rawhide 3-Piece Wine Tool SetLight Brown 3-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL35Gray 3-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL37Rosé 3-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL38Pink 3-Piece Wine Tool SetShown ClosedWTL39Black/Silver 3-Piece Wine Tool SetWTL40WTL35 Gray ShownNEWRustic/Gold 3-Piece Wine Tool Set21Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Gifts & Engravables

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