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2018 Components CatalogGifts & EngravablesJ JBamboo Wine Gift SetsCGifts & EngravablesNEW WTL07Round Bamboo 4-PieceWine Gift SetSize: 6 1/4" Diameter Case Qty: 6Bottle OpenersWTL05Bamboo 2-PieceWine Tool SetSize: 51/8"x31/8"x11/4" Case Qty: 6WTL06Bamboo 4-PieceWine Tool SetSize: 61/4"x41/4"x11/4" Case Qty: 5Holds 1 1/2" insert on both sides.CShown with sublimatable1 1/2" Insert.See pages 449-453, 577-582 & 615.Bottle Openers are great for lasering! Easily remove bottle lids with one punch.Check out our Demo!GFT0071 1/2" Insert Holder2-sided Wine Bottle Opener Inserts sold separately Size: 6 3/4"Case Qty: 12GFT046 *3" Stainless Steel Auto Bottle Opener Case Qty: 10GFT0473" Black Anodized Aluminum Auto Bottle Opener Case Qty: 10Where Your Business Is Always Appreciated24

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