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Crystal & Glass JDS Industries, Inc. JDS Industries, Inc.Premier Horizon Glass with Silver Metal TrimHorizon Glass is individually boxed and mounted on a glass base. GlassJDS Industries, Inc.Diamond SAMPLE SET #HGLSET1 Fan SAMPLE SET #HGLSET2 Oval SAMPLE SET #HGLSET3blank held in place with a set screw for easy assembly after personalization. Case Qty: 4Premier Glass is the Ultimate Way to Recognize and Honor.HGL12SIze: 9" DiamondRemovable blank for easy personalization!HGL13Size: 9 3/4" DiamondHGL32Size: 9" OvalHGL23Size: 9 3/4" FanAll Crystal & Glass come packaged in a lined gift box.HGL22Size: 9" FanCHGL33Size: 9 3/4" Oval315Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerCrystal & Glass

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