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Sandcarving Materials & Supplies JDS Industries, Inc.Ikonics Imaging® Sandcarving EquipmentJDS Industries, Inc.Smartcarving Construction with Patented CleanFlo Tapeless Technology.Cabinets are DROP SHIP ONLY, F.O.B. MN. See Price List for details.TMThe CrystalBlast Summit cabinet blends traditional and contemporary sandcarving styles. The Summit retains the same high quality standard features of the CrystalBlast line of sandcarving units, along with new features that truly reinvent sandcarving.CleanFlo Tapeless Interchangeable Port SystemThe innovative port system eliminates the need to protect a substrate with tape.CleanFlo Automated Toggle SwitchThe automated toggle switch allows for cleaning the dust collector with ease.CleanFlo Automated Hopper ButtonThe automated hopper button allows for loading the abrasive easily and ef ciently.Removable Front OpeningsThe optional front openings, including arm ports or brushes, of the Summit allow for blasting larger substrates.CrystalBlastTM Summit Speci cationsDimensionsOverall: 38"Lx44"Wx86"H Working: 36"Lx24"Wx30"HDoor Opening: 15" W x 25.5" H WindowwithProtector: 31"Wx16"HAir Requirements (compressor not included) 3/32"Nozzle: 5.7CFM@30PSIBlastingPressure 1/8"Nozzle: 8.4CFM@30PSIBlastingPressureRecommended Air Compressor10 CFM (volume) @ 90 PSI advisedHosesAbrasive hose 3/8" O.D. minimumElectrical120V/20AMP/60HzDust Collector700 CFM, 220 sq/ftDust Collector Upgrade: 440 sq/ftApproximate Shipping Weight750 lbs CrystalBlast Summit 65 lbs Vac-110 dust collectorCrystalBlastTM Summit Features• ASME 50 lb Capacity Pressure Pot with Clean-Out Port •100%Welded—12and14GaugeSteel •700CFMExhaustBlowerwitha220sq.ft.Certi edFilterCartridge• Industrial Foot Pedal with Industrial Lexair, High Pressure Long Wear Valve •MicroAbrasiveHosewithQuickDisconnectTungstenCarbideNozzle• Pot Scalper Screen• Air Regulator, Filter, Water Trap and Gauge• Full-View Laminated Viewing Window with Protector Glass • Heavy Duty Lockable Door Latch• Complete with Machine Wheels• Tapeless Interchangeable Port System• Automated Toggle Switch• Automated Hopper Vibration Button• Removable Front Opening for Arm Ports or BrushesPart # CRYSUMMIT Crystal Blast SummitsummitC343Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Sandcarving Materials & Supplies

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