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2018 Components Catalog Sandcarving Materials & SuppliesIkonics Imaging® Sandcarving EquipmentCrystalBlast Elite is the Total Ergonomic Machine designed to meet the needs of any sandcarving facility.Cabinets are DROP SHIP ONLY, F.O.B. MN. See Price List for details.made in theUSAPart # CRYELITE CrystalBlast EliteCrystalBlastTM Elite Features• 100% welded cabinet •Trueergonomicsforseatedorstandingoperation •Adjustableheightfootpedal•ASME50lbcapacitypressurepot •Heavy-duty12and14gaugesteelwithtwocomponenturethanepaint • Quick-disconnect nozzle• 700 cfm exhaust blower with silencer• Patented abrasive separator reclaimer• Capable of using 220 grit• Dustless work area• Easy filter cleaning mechanism (push button)• Quiet operation• Back lighting with dimmer switch• Tool-less hose replacement• One valve pressurization/depressurization• Industrial grade pinch valve• Fits through a 28" door openingOptional Features• Removable Glide Thru doorWith Patented CleanFlo TechnologyErgonomic design meets world-class construction.Truly peerless, the CrystalBlast Elite is the Total Ergonomic Machine designed to meet the needs of any sandcarving facility. Ergonomic features such as seated or standing operation, adjustable foot treadle, eye level machine controls, micro sized abrasive hose, fully padded armrest and large view window put the Elite in a class of its own.Unique to the CrystalBlast Elite is our patented CleanFlo Technology, which includes a 700 cfm exhaust blower with110 sq. ft. certi ed  lter cartridge. The Elite also contains a removable, patented, Cyclone 240 separator reclaimer that prevents the loss of even the smallest abrasive up to 240 mesh. The reverse pulse cleaning system makes dust collector maintenance as easy as a push of a button. The Elite also includes LED part inspection lighting and high pressure long wear industrial pinch valve for easy operation. All the combined features showcase the innovation and technology of the CrystalBlast Elite’s design.CrystalBlastTM Elite Speci cationsDimensionsOverall: 51"Wx30"Dx73"H Working: 36"Wx24"Dx24"H DoorOpening: 19"Wx18"H SafetyPlateWindow: 24"Wx13.5"HAir Requirements (Compressor Not Included) 3/32"i.d.Nozzle(std.): 5.7CFM@30PSIblastingpressure 1/8"i.d.Nozzle: 8.4CFM@90PSIblastingpressureSeparator ReclaimerPatented Cyclone 240HosesAbrasive hose 3/8" O.D. Air hose 1/4" pipe connectLightingHalogen cabinet lighting — LED part inspection lighting with dimmerElectrical120V/60Hz/1PhDust Collector700 cfm Exhaust blower with silencer — 1/2 hp – 120VApproximate Shipping Weight475 lbsCWhere Your Business Is Always Appreciated346J JSandcarving Materials & Supplies

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