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Sandcarving Materials & Supplies JDS Industries, Inc.Ikonics Imaging® Sandcarving Suppliesmade in theJDS Industries, Inc.USACStocked in all 14 JDS Locations!R3TM (3 mil.) and R5TM (5 mil.) photoresist  lmsmake decorative sandcarving simple, productiveand enjoyable. R3TM and R5TM are engineered for professional sandcarving applications in which quick processing and high production are critical. These photoresist  lms promote ef cient mask production by eliminating the time consuming and messy application of adhesive.R3TM & R5TM have an inherent adhesive that does not activate until the  lms are washed out. Even when the adhesive is active, these  lms do not feel “sticky." This quality makes these  lms repositionable until  rmly applied to a substrate. The formulation of these  lms allow the achievement of  ne-line resolution needed for high-detailed sandcarving masks. These  lms are constructed with excellent durability allowing deeper carving. Remove R3TM and R5TM with water, or by simply peeling it off the substrate.R3TM & R5TM Art Speci cations*Size:Resolution: 3 mil.  lm:5 mil.  lm:Typically, artwork should not exceed photoresist sheet or roll size Minimum line resolution3 mil. (requires minimum 180 grit and positive  lm density of 3.0)5 mil. (requires minimum 180 grit and positive  lm density of 3.0)* These specifications are based on using a genuine film positive and a high pressure washing systemR3TM Self-Adhesive Photoresist Film– Sheets Sold in full packs only –IKONICS Imaging® silicone-coated release paperis used to protect the adhesive side in any self- adhesive photoresist films. Silicone release paperis coated on one side which is the key componentin storage of self-adhesive film, preserving the adhesive and protecting the film from dust and other air borne materials. Silicone one-sided release liner is the backbone of the pressure sensitive adhesive and tacky adhesive photoresist films.5 mil. thicknessR5510X1210SHT10 Sheet PackSheet Size: 10" x 12"R5510X1225SHT25 Sheet PackSheet Size: 10" x 12"R5510X25ROLL25' RollRoll Size: 10" x 25'R5514X25ROLL25' RollRoll Size: 14" x 25'3 mil. thicknessR3310X1210SHT10 Sheet PackSheet Size: 10" x 12"R3310X1225SHT25 Sheet PackSheet Size: 10" x 12"R3310X25ROLL25' RollRoll Size: 10" x 25'R3310X100ROLL100' RollRoll Size: 10" x 100'R3314X25ROLL25' RollRoll Size: 14" x 25'R3314X100ROLL100' RollRoll Size: 14" x 100'R5TM Self-Adhesive Photoresist FilmUltraProTM Release PaperUPRELEASE11X1450 Sheet PackSheet Size: 11" x 14"UPRELEASE10X100100' RollRoll Size: 10" x 100'UPRELEASE14X100100' RollRoll Size: 14" x 100'– Sheets Sold in full packs only –349Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Sandcarving Materials & Supplies

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