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Sandcarving Materials & Supplies JDS Industries, Inc.Ikonics Imaging® Sandcarving Suppliesmade in theJDS Industries, Inc.USACApply. Laser. Blast. LaserTapeTM allows you to use a laser engraving machine in correlation with a sandcarve cabinet. LaserTapeTM creates low cost stencils while allowing you to achieve the  nished look of sandcarve engraving.LaserTapeTM Sandcarving Film•NoPVC• Conforms smoothly to surfaces without wrinkling • Fast and simple clean up• Available in 4 mil.• Quick burn• Easy to color ll after sandcarvingStocked in all 14 JDS Locations!LaserTapeTM4 mil. thicknessLT4X100ROLL4" RollRoll Size: 4" x 100'LT6X100ROLL6" RollRoll Size: 6" x 100'LT10X100ROLL10" RollRoll Size: 10" x 100'LT12X100ROLL12" RollRoll Size: 12" x 100'LTSAMPLE4" x 6" SampleLimit 1 per customerAbrasivesAbrasives are DROP SHIP ONLY, FOB: MN. See Price List for details.An excellent abrasive for etching glass, stone, wood and other solid surface materials. Aluminum oxide is an economical abrasive with good cutting ability and is used prevalently in the industry. It is reusable and provides a fine finish.An excellent abrasive for etching glass, stone, wood and other solid surface materials. Silicon carbideis a more effective abrasive as a new cutting edge is revealed each time it breaks down into smaller particles. It creates no static, leaving your blasted object and sandblast cabinet window free of abrasive media.2BLAST2Aluminum Oxide 180 Grit 50 lb. container2BLAST3Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit 50 lb. container2BLAST7Silicon Carbide 180 Grit 50 lb. container2BLAST8Silicon Carbide 220 Grit 50 lb. container351Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Sandcarving Materials & Supplies

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