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2018 Components Catalog Sandcarving Materials & SuppliesIkonics Imaging® Sandcarving Suppliesmade in theThe Letralite Exposure Unit is designed to provide exceptional imaging results on all IKONICS Imaging photoresist  lms. The unit’s unique compact cylindrical design makes it simple to operate and assures consistent results when used properly. Refer to individual photoresist user guides for speci c processing information.Image Area:Unit Dimensions: Weight: Electrical:Replacement Parts:11" x 14"18"L x 3" W x 7" H 8 lbs.110 volt, 60 cycle Also available in 220 volt 50 cycle. Exposure pad Light bulb Exposure cylinderUse this unit under safe or yellow light conditions.USACLetralite® Exposure Unit Speci cationsStocked in all 14 JDS Locations!PBEXPUNITLetralite® Exposure UnitThe industry standard for high production film processing. The 261KS is a rugged and reliable exposure unit for the volume commercial shop using any of our high quality photoresistfilm products. Complete with vacuum frame, digital display integrator and eight memory channels, the 261KS provides exact exposure repeatability for professional imaging resultsfor all resolution requirements. This easy-to-use model includes a large 23" x 27" imaging area which is exposed to a powerful 1000 watt metal halide lamp for quick imaging. Reduce your turnaround time and add to your profitability by including the dependable 261KS in your production family.DROP SHIP ONLY, FOB: MN. See Price List for details.261KSMH261KS Exposure UnitQuick and easy photoresist drying. The PB500 dries photoresist film in under 10 minutes. Heated air comes in through large bottom perforated holes and is distributed to each shelf. An air filter removes dust to assure consistent drying results.DROP SHIP ONLY, FOB: MN. See Price List for details.PB500DRYERPB500 Film Dryer261KS Professional Exposure Unit Features• Excellent for volume production• Powerful 1000 watt metal halide lampfor minimum exposure times• Vacuum frame for perfect photopositiveto emulsion contact• Integrator and photocell for exactexposure repeatability261KS Professional Exposure Unit Speci cationsImage Area:Unit Dimensions: Weight: Electrical:Options:Film Dryer Features23" x 27"30" W x 32" H x 30"D150 lbs.120 volt, 20 amps,50 or 60 hz at no extra charge at time of order.Floor stand, NFS3 Replacement lamp, NP80 Deep well blanket for screen printing applications• Economically priced• Accelerates drying time to 10 minutes for up to four 10" x 12"sheets of IKONICS Imaging photoresist  lm products• Streamlines production process• Factory preset thermostatic control for optimal results • Compact table-top design• Stackable for multiple unit operationWhere Your Business Is Always Appreciated352J JSandcarving Materials & Supplies

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