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Sandcarving Materials & Supplies JDS Industries, Inc.Ikonics Imaging® Sandcarving Suppliesmade in theJDS Industries, Inc.TRIGGERJETTMUSAThe TriggerJetTM Washout Nozzle provides a unique, low-cost opportunity for photoresist film users to effectively develop their images after UV exposure. This hand spray-gun delivers a stream of washout power equal to that of more expensive nozzles. The trigger lock allows a continuous flow of water for convenient operation. You can simulate the equivalent of approximately 150 psi with this unit of polypropylene built for long lasting operation. With gentle side-to-side sweeping motions, the photoresist film products can be developed to yield satisfying image washout for all low to medium volume requirements.TriggerJetTM Features• Low cost• Adjustable spray nozzle• Attaches easily to a common garden hoseTriggerJetTM Speci cationsMaximum pressure: 150 psi (10bar) Maximum water temperature: 140o F (60o C) Nozzle: Moldedpolypropylene(fanspray) Capacity: .9gpm(3.4liters/min.)Length: 9.5 inches (24.1 centimeters) Weight: 6 oz. (170 grams)Stocked in all 14 JDS Locations!SQUEEGEEIKONICS Imaging® SqueegeeWIRE WHEELThe wire wheel is used to perforate the membrane on washout photo resist films after the mask has been applied. It helps to remove any trapped air in between the membrane and substrate.PBWIREWHEELCase Qty: 1PBSPRAYNOZZLECase Qty: 1CBATSQUEEGEECase Qty: 1353Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Sandcarving Materials & Supplies

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