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2018 Components Catalog Sublimation Materials & SuppliesChromaLuxe® High Definition Photo PanelsHigh de nition metal photo panels with radius corners are scratch and UV resistant. Thickness: .045"Case Qty: 10Size: 2"x3" Size: 4"x4" Size: 4"x6" Size: 5"x5" Size: 5"x7" Size: 5"x10" Size: 5"x11" Size: 5"x17" Size: 6"x6"made in theUSACLX4308Gloss WhiteCLX4310Matte WhiteCLX4309Gloss SilverCLX4311Matte SilverCLX4548Semi-Gloss WhiteCLX4578Semi-Gloss SilverCLX4302Gloss WhiteCLX4304Matte WhiteCLX4303Gloss SilverCLX4305Matte SilverCLX4549CLX4113Gloss WhiteCLX4252Gloss SilverCLX4294Gloss WhiteCLX4298Gloss SilverCLX4054Gloss WhiteCLX4055Matte WhiteCLX4056Gloss SilverCLX4057Matte SilverCLX4550Semi-Gloss WhiteCLX4580Semi-Gloss SilverCLX4114Gloss WhiteCLX4260Gloss SilverCLX4295Gloss WhiteCLX4299Gloss SilverCLX4296Gloss WhiteCLX4300Gloss SilverCLX4066Gloss WhiteCLX4255Gloss SilverSemi-Gloss WhiteCLX4579Semi-Gloss SilverSee pages 383-385 for easels and wall mount options.Size: 8"x8" CLX4071Gloss WhiteCLX4182Gloss SilverSize: 8"x10" CLX5881Gloss WhiteCLX4008Matte WhiteCLX5996Gloss SilverCLX4012Matte SilverCLX4551Semi-Gloss WhiteCLX4581Semi-Gloss SilverSize: 8"x12" CLX4130Gloss WhiteCLX4135Gloss SilverCLX4552Size: 9"x21" CLX4067Gloss WhiteCLX4259Gloss SilverSize: 10"x10" CLX4072Gloss WhiteCLX4254Gloss SilverSize: 10”x20” CLX4116Gloss WhiteCLX4253Gloss SilverSemi-Gloss WhiteCLX4582Semi-Gloss SilverLarger sizes available by drop ship or special order from the factory. Full case orders only.Where Your Business Is Always Appreciated380Sublimation Materials & Supplies

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