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Sublimation Materials & Supplies JDS Industries, Inc.ChromaLuxe® FramesChromaLuxe Frames, designed speci cally for ChromaLuxe metal prints provides another display option for images presented on the highest quality print media. These aluminum frames use a channel design that allows metal prints to be displayed easier than ever before with either a traditional or more  nished look. ChromaLuxe frames can be used as either a classic inset frame, or on the back as a floating option.made in theUSAFloating option exampleSizeBlackSilverCase Qty.8.75"CLX4517CLX45211010.75"CLX4518CLX45221011.75"CLX4471CLX44791012.75"CLX4472CLX44801014.75"CLX4473CLX44811016.75"CLX4474CLX44821018.75"CLX4475CLX44831020.75"CLX4476CLX44841024.75"CLX4477CLX44851030.75"CLX4478CLX448610CLX4503Frame Hardware Kit Includes: • 20 Tapped Angles• 20 Backplates• 20 Retainer Clips• 5 Sawtooth Hangers Case Qty: 1CLX4652Sawtooth Hangers Case Qty: 1000CLX4653Angled Backplate Case Qty: 1000CLX4654Tapped Angle Case Qty: 1000CLX4655Retainer Clip Case Qty: 1000Kit includes enough hardware for 5 complete frames.385Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerSublimation Materials & Supplies

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