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2018 Components Catalog Sublimation Materials & SuppliesUniSubĀ® JewelryScalloped Style Charms & Pendants1-sided gloss white aluminum. Charms and pendants have a silver scalloped edge and a pre-drilled hole at the top to attach with a bale to any UniSub charm bracelet or necklace. Thickness: .03"Case Qty: 20made in theUSAUN5591Oval Charm Small Size: 0.875"UN5593Oval Pendant Large Size: 1.19"UN5595Heart Charm Small Size: 0.875"UN5596Heart Pendant Large Size: 1.1875"UN5592Circle Charm Small Size: 0.875"Circle Charm & BraceletUN5594Circle Pendant Large Size: 1.25"Jewelry Accessory PiecesUN5597Silver Plated Necklace with 1 Bale Size: 18"Case Qty: 20UN5598Silver Plated Bracelet with 5 Bales Size: 8"Case Qty: 10UN5900Steel Bracelet with5 Bales and Circle Charms Size: 7.25"Case Qty: 10 SetsAluminum Lapel PinUN5666UN59011-Sided Gloss WhiteCircle Charm with 1 Bale Size: 0.75" Diameter x .03" Case Qty: 50Fiber Reinforced Plastic ButtonUN56651-Sided Gloss White FRP Round Button includes Self-Adhesive Pin Size: 2.5" Diameter x .09"Case Qty: 501-Sided Gloss White Aluminum Round Lapel Pin with Clasp Size: 0.875" Diameter x .03" Case Qty: 25Where Your Business Is Always Appreciated414Sublimation Materials & Supplies

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