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2018 Components Catalog Gifts & EngravablesLazerMugTM 10 oz. Rounded Corner Laserable Ceramic MugsRounded LazerMugsTM are designed with  at sides for easy lasering. Case Qty: 24SAMPLE SET #LMGSET6Size: 3 13/16"LMG4110 oz. Black Lasers WhiteLMG4610 oz. Pink Lasers WhiteLMG4210 oz. Red Lasers WhiteLMG3510 oz. White Lasers BlackLMG4310 oz. Blue Lasers WhiteLMG3610 oz. Silver Lasers Black1 1/2" x 2 3/4" laserable area.LMG4410 oz. Green Lasers WhiteRounded LazerMugTM Bottom View.LazerMugTM 14 oz. Ceramic Latte Mugs14 oz. Latte Mugs for lasering. Case Qty: 24SAMPLE SET #LMGSET7Includes 1 of each LMG51-LMG56 + 2 LidsFits LMG51-LMG56LMG5LD1Black Flexible Silicone Lid Case Qty: 6LMG5LD2White Flexible Silicone Lid Case Qty: 6LMG42 shown laser engraved.Microwave safeshown withLMG5LD2(sold separately)LMG51Black Laser Latte MugLMG53Blue Laser Latte MugLMG55Orange Laser Latte MugLMG52Red Laser Latte MugLMG54Green Laser Latte MugLMG56Pink Laser Latte MugFor Laserable Leatherette Mug Sleeves See page 57.CCWhere Your Business Is Always Appreciated42J JGifts & Engravables

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