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2018 Components Catalog Sublimation Materials & SuppliesUniSubĀ® Clocksmade in theAll clocks require assembly.UN1027Square Table Top Desk Clock Kit Size: 4" x 4" x .125"Case Qty: 10USAUN5581Oversized Plaque Clock Kit Size: 11.625" x 16" x .75" Case Qty: 6Kit includes gloss white plaque with black cove edge, clock hand, brass washer, hex nut, cap nut, clock motor,4 keyholes and mounting instructionsKit includes gloss white hardboard face, hands, motor and standUN5549UN5756Mahogany Vertical Mantle Clock Kit with Tile Inserts Size: 6.75" x 15.5"Case Qty: 2 SetsKit includes hardwood clock body, two gloss white hardboard tiles, clock motor and handsUN5683Square Replacement Insert Size: 6" x 6" x .25"Case Qty: 26UN5684Rectangle Replacement Insert Size: 6" x 7.875" x .25"Case Qty: 26Round Table Top Desk Clock Kit Size: 4.75"Thickness: .09"Case Qty: 10Kit includes gloss white FRP face, hands, motor and standUN5758Offset Clock Kit Size: 5.5" x 8" Thickness: .625" Case Qty: 8Kit includes gloss white MDF body, motor and hands with both a keyhole and removable easel for wall or table top displayWhere Your Business Is Always Appreciated442Sublimation Materials & Supplies

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