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Sublimation Materials & Supplies JDS Industries, Inc.Men’s Vapor ApparelTMMen’s Solar PerformanceMaterials: 100%Micro-FiberPolyesterWeight: 5oz.Description: Engineered with permanent moisture wicking technology. Light and durable, this material is anti-bacterial and mildew resistant.Features: Wicking factor, sublimation-friendly, two needle double-stitch seams, four thread over-lock for extra strength in hem seams, loose-fit cut.SizeWhite Part #VAM100WH3Athletic Grey Part #XSVAM100WH1VAM100AG1SVAM100WH2VAM100AG2MVAM100AG3LVAM100WH4VAM100AG4XLVAM100WH5VAM100AG52XLVAM100WH6VAM100AG63XLVAM100WH7VAM100AG7See page 477 for Vapor Foam Kits.WhiteAthletic GreyWhiteBlizzard BlueSteelSandMen’s Solar Performance PoloMaterials: 100% Spun PolyesterWeight: 5.9 oz.Description: Delivers a soft, comfortable, cotton-like feel. Features: Wicking factor, sublimation-friendly colors, two needle double-stitch seams, over-lock for extra strength in hem seams.Vapor ApparelTM Stocked in: Newark, NJ / Atlanta, GA / Sioux Falls, SD / Dallas, TX / Los Angeles, CA Freight will be billed as if product shipped from your closest JDS warehouse.SizeWhite Part #Blizzard Blue Part #Steel Part #Sand Part #XSVA1SJBPWH1VA1SJBPBZ1VA1SJBPST1VA1SJBPSD1SVA1SJBPWH2VA1SJBPBZ2VA1SJBPST2VA1SJBPSD2MVA1SJBPWH3VA1SJBPBZ3VA1SJBPST3VA1SJBPSD3LVA1SJBPWH4VA1SJBPBZ4VA1SJBPST4VA1SJBPSD4XLVA1SJBPWH5VA1SJBPBZ5VA1SJBPST5VA1SJBPSD52XLVA1SJBPWH6VA1SJBPBZ6VA1SJBPST6VA1SJBPSD63XLVA1SJBPWH7VA1SJBPBZ7VA1SJBPST7VA1SJBPSD7463Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerSublimation Materials & Supplies

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