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Sign Supplies JDS Industries, Inc. JDS Industries, Inc.NEWORDERINGJDS Industries, Inc.Vinyl Products Stocking:INFORMATIONTromart stocks several series of 24" vinyl rolls. All popular colors are stocked in all 14 warehouses with less popular colors stocked in select warehouses. We've partnered with leading industry providers to ensure our drop shipped products ship quickly! See each series for more details.Products that are stocked in our warehouseProducts that are drop shipped from the factory.Material that can be purchased by the yard.PROCESSCut by the yard:We know that certain jobs require unique colors in less than full roll quantities. Tromart Awards is prepared to process your "by the yard" order so you get exactly what you need for your next job! Be sure to look for this symbol by the yardin the catalog for products that can be ordered "by the yard"!"By the yard" orders will be treated like a custom product and are not returnable.Vinyl Drop Shipments:Drop ship orders can be combined with stock orders for Free freight. See page 3 for Free Freight program details.3MTM Products3M Products can ONLY be distributed to customers in the United States and US Territories.Process IconsDiamond Drag EngravingRecommended for engraving with a bullet-point diamond graver to "scratch" lines into a substrate.by the yardICONSBurnishingRecommended when spinning burnishing tools to remove the cap sheet of a metal substrate.Rotary EngravingRecommended for engraving through spinning with a rotary tool.Laser EngravingRecommended for engraving with a laser.SublimationRecommended for sublimation.C SandcarvingRecommended for sandcarving.Tromart InformationalAnother Tromart Innovation!Made in theUnited States of America.Tromart Sign Supply Print Process IconsECO Solvent Ink - Low-solvent ink requires a longer drying period than Solvent ink, and Lifespan of two to three years.Solvent Ink - Oil based ink that maintains pigment while bonding more effectively to the substrate. Widely used for outdoor applications.Thermal Printing - Produces an image by heating coated thermochromic material, when it passes over the thermal print head.Latex Ink - Water based pigmented inks are VOC free and require no venting.UV-Curable Ink - Non-Solvent based inks that are "cured" by a UV light system.Screen Printing - Versatile and durable printing process that can be done on any surface.made in theUSA487Your Sign Supply PartnerSign SuppliesVINYL

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