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2018 Components Catalog NEW Sign SuppliesTO BUILD AThe  rst four (4) digitsin our part number identifythe series of product.(These four digit numbers can be located at the top of the info charts within each series. They may not always be the same as the series number. Refer to the chart for each series to ensure you have the correct number.)The second four (4) digitsidentify the material converted size.The  rst two digits indicate the widthand the last two digits indicate the length. Note: For cut by the yard materialuse 01 in the last two digits to indicate the length.Note: See chart below for width and length codes.The  nal three (3) digitsidentify the Color, and all colors contain three digits.Notes:Standard punch is slot pattern.IBM and 3-hole punch patternsare available. Except for 3M Re ective Series is Gerber punched.VINYL PART NUMBERKota Pro products are Tromart Sign Supply exclusive products. You can depend on Kota Pro products for top quality at an economical price, providing your business with the highest value. Look for these products to get the most out of your business!When ordering punched productrefer to the notes for each series to identify the correct number to order. These will be the  rst (4) digits of your part number for punched product.4200 - 1515 - 014Unpunched 2.8 ml CalenderedWidth = 15"Length = 150' (50 yds) (The 0 in 150 is hidden)Color 014 (Tomato Red)4250 - 3003 - 003Punched2.8 ml CalenderedWidth = 30"Color 003 (Gloss Black)Cut by the yard exampleLength = 30' (10 yds) (The 0 in 30 is hidden)3700 - 2401 - 057Unpunched 3.0 ml CastWidth = 24"Length = 3' (1 yard)Color 057 (Raspberry)Width and LengthPart number codes for the second four (4) digitsWidthby the yard5 yard(Heat Transfer Only)10 yard25 yard (Select Materials)50 yard15"1501150215031508151524"2401240224032408241530"3001300230033008301548"48014802480348084815Request FREE Samples• Color Matching - 12" x 12" samples for color matching.• Process Testing - Larger pieces by series for testing functionality and performance. Call us now at 905-612-9990 and we will assist you!JDS Industries • 855.661.2388 • jdssignsupply.com488J JHOWSign Supplies

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