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Sign Supplies JDS Industries, Inc. JDS Industries, Inc.NEW3M TM ControltacTM Film with Comply TM Adhesive Series 180mCmade in theJDS Industries, Inc.USAThis premium  lm has micro ComplyTM Adhesive Technology and offers great versatility along witha slidable, repositionable, pressure activated adhesive. These  lms are long term, durable and removable. They provide excellent hiding power and stability; making them perfect for indoor and outdoor signs and  eet graphics. The micro Comply Adhesive Technology produces smaller air channels than ComplyTM for faster and easier, bubble-free installations.micro COMPLY TM151 081Traffic Stone Gray Gray041 089Dark Sandstone Gray101 039Nimbus Tan Gray012 049Black Beige022 099Matte Fawn Black069 065Duranodic Light Lemon Yellow019 015Deep Bright Mahogany Yellow Brown029 025Russet Sunflower Brown059Putty064 293Apricot Atomic Red105 063Harvest Geranium Gold024 053Terra Cardinal Cotta Red054 023Light Deep Orange Red014 093Bright Imperial Orange Red074 058Red Burgundy Orange263 103Perfect Magenta MatchRed013 273Tomato Process Red MagentaSERIESCALL FOR PUNCHEDNote: See page 488 for how to build a part number.Note: Colors shown are approximate.ADHESIVE TECHNOLOGY114Transparent010White (Gray Adhesive)090Antique White011Pearl Gray121Light Gray031Medium Gray091Dove Gray061Mid GrayRequest FREE Samples• Color Matching - 12" x 12" samples for color matching.180mCColors - 180MC Series - Premium FilmFilm10 yard50 yard24"Drop ShipDrop Ship48"Drop ShipDrop Ship012 Black and 010 White 180MC Series - Premium FilmFilm10 yard50 yard24"Drop ShipDrop Ship48"Drop ShipDrop Ship• Process Testing - Larger pieces by series for testing functionality and performance. Call us now at 905-612-9990 and we will assist you!493Your Sign Supply PartnerSign SuppliesPremium Film

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