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Sign Supplies JDS Industries, Inc. JDS Industries, Inc.NEW3M TM Scotchlite TM Reflective Film Series 5100made in theJDS Industries, Inc.USAThe  lms in this series are enclosed lens, retrore ective, engineer grade  lms that offer exibility and excellent angularity. These durable  lms are great when used for decals, commercial and non-regulated signage, vehicle markings, emblems and striping on vertical  at or curved surfaces with or without rivets. (For punched  lm use part number 5150)Adhesive/Color:Permanent / ClearLiner:Polyethylene-coated paperConformability:Vertical, flat, curved or corrugated surfaces, with or without rivetsFilm Thickness: Finish:Outdoor Durability: Installation:7.0 mil. / Retroreflective Gloss7 yearsDry Apply Only010 071White Yellow064 081Gold Lemon Yellow065 014Rich Orange Gold072 075 078Red Blue Light Green082 076 079Ruby Light Brown Red Blue074 077 085Royal Green Black PurpleNote: Punched  lm is only available in 15" & 30" - use part number 5150. Note: This series is Gerber punched.Note: See page 488 for how to build a part number.Note: Colors shown are approximate.5100 Series - Premium FilmFilm10 yard50 yard15"Drop ShipDrop Ship24"Drop ShipDrop Ship30"Drop ShipDrop Ship48"Drop ShipDrop ShipTrue Gerber Punch Standard Example (Examples are not to scale):- Triple dots for slots, 9 dots between triples- Measured over 20 inches bottom of triples to bottom of triples - Tolerance is plus or minus 1/8"- May be stripped or unstrippedRequest FREE Samples• Color Matching - 12" x 12" samples for color matching.• Process Testing - Larger pieces by series for testing functionality and performance. Call us now at 905-612-9990 and we will assist you!505Your Sign Supply PartnerSign SuppliesRe ective Film

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