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Sign Supplies JDS Industries, Inc. JDS Industries, Inc.NEWFDC TM Translucent Film Series 2500made in theJDS Industries, Inc.USAThis high performance cast translucent  lm is used when backlit properties are needed. Engineered withexcellent weathering and aging characteristics; the even color illumination and  exibility is great for sign faces and awnings. This  lm can also be used on glass, acrylic and polycarbonate sign faces or window substrates. (For punched  lm use part number 2550)Film Thickness:2.0 mil. / CastAdhesive/Color:Permanent / ClearFinish:MatteLiner:78# KraftOutdoor Durability:7 yearsConformability:Flat surfaces and simple curves020 068 125White Light Scarlet Beige Red197 021 073Silver Ivory Dark Grey Red178 005 049Steel Maize Burgundy Grey (Illuminates Dim)054 015 154Charcoal Yellow Pink (Opaque) Lavender069 006 198Duranodic Mango Vivid (Opaque) Rose040 044 153Black Orange Mulberry (Opaque)059 172 133Dark Poppy Magenta Brown Red(Illuminates Dim)063 014 155Rust Tomato Plum Brown Red Purple077 162Dark Teal Blue087 071Royal Teal Blue Green017 130Cobalt Pacific Blue Blue067 024Bright Holly Blue Green018 126Olympic Vivid Blue Green173 026Process Green Blue108 061Light Kelly Baby Green Blue156Turquoise Blue157TurquoiseNote: Punched  lm is only available in 15" & 30" - use part number 2550.Note: See page 488 for how to build a part number. Note: Colors shown are approximate.(Illuminates Dim)(Illuminates Dim)004 033 011Gold Red Dark Nugget Royal Blue2500 Series - Premium FilmFilm10 yard50 yard15"Drop ShipDrop Ship24"Drop ShipDrop Ship2500 Series - Premium FilmFilm10 yard50 yard30"Drop ShipDrop Ship48"Drop ShipDrop Ship509Your Sign Supply PartnerSign SuppliesTranslucent Premium Film

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