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Sign Supplies JDS Industries, Inc. JDS Industries, Inc.NEWRTape® VinylEfx® DiamondPlateTM DJeDcSorInatdivuestSrieersie,sInScp.ecialty FilmThis decorative series is a metalized PVC  lm that is designed to give the appearance of metallic materials,  nishes and special effects. This  lm is excellent for adding special effects to promotional graphics, signage and decals. (Use 2827 for part number, for punched use 2877)made in theFilm Thickness:Finish:Outdoor Durability:3.0 mil. / Metalized PVCGlossN/AAdhesive/Color:Liner:Conformability:Permanent / Clear88# LayflatFlat surfacesInstallation:ColdDry Apply OnlyUSARTape® VinylEfx® Diamond PlateDecorative Series - Use 2827 for Part NumberFilm10 yard50 yard15"Drop ShipDrop Ship24"Drop ShipDrop Ship48"Drop ShipDrop Ship007SilverNote: Punched  lm is only available in 15" - use part number 2877.Note: See page 488 for how to build a part number.Note: Colors shown are approximate.Laminate:515Your Sign Supply PartnerSign SuppliesSpecialty Film

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