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2018 Components Catalog NEW Sign SuppliesComplete Weeding KitThis high quality kit includes  ve different angled 6" stainless steel hand tools with chrome handles for picking and weeding. These tools are ideal for a variety of materials, such as Cast, Calendered, Heat Transfer materials and more.CWK5 Tool Complete Weeding KitRetractable Weeding & Bubble Popping ToolsAluminum retractable weeding pen with pocket clip. Also works great as a marking point for leather, paper, wood, plastic, and more.made in theUSAmade in theUSAOur Edge Makes the Di erenceWEED90.090" Gauge Retractable Weeding ToolWEED60.060" Gauge Retractable Weeding ToolWEED30.030" Gauge Retractable Weeding Toolmade in the3M TM391X Retractable Air Release ToolPocket size air release tool allows you to puncture  lm that is applied to a substrate to remove entrapped bubbles.392XReplacement PinUSA391X.060" Gauge Retractable Air Release Tool3M TMMPP-1 Power Grip Multi-Pin Air Release ToolMultiple pins allow you to remove bubbles in only a single press.Works excellent over rivets. Tool comes with a box of 48 replacement pins.USAmade in theMPP-1Power Grip Multi-Pin Air Release Tool(side view)Box of 48 replacement pins is included with tool.JDS Industries • 855.661.2388 • jdssignsupply.com528J JSign Tools & SuppliesSign Supplies

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