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Sign Supplies JDS Industries, Inc. JDS Industries, Inc.NEWBig Gripper Blade Holder with 2 BladesJDS Industries, Inc.The Big Gripper Holder is designed with a longer handle that adds reach, while providingleverage and comfort on large jobs or during repeated use. This blade holder is designed to hold Scraperite razor blades. 2 blades are included with the holder.ALLBG400PCBBig Gripper Blade Holder with2 Blue Polycarbonate BladesBG400GPOBig Gripper Blade Holder with2 Orange General Purpose BladesSCRAPERITE® PRODUCTS AREBG400BiBig Gripper Blade Holder with2 Black Industrial BladesPlastic Razor Blades with Lil' Gripper HolderSR5LGPCB5 Pack Blue Polycarbonate Blades with holder25 Pack Blue Polycarbonate Blades with holderSR5LGACY5 Pack Yellow Acrylic Blades with holderSR25LGPCBSR5LGGPO5 Pack Orange General Purpose Blades with holderSR25LGACY25 Pack Yellow Acrylic Razor Blades with holderSR25LGVAR25 Pack Variety General Purpose/ Polycarbonate/ Acrylic Blades with holderSR25LGGPO25 Pack Orange General Purpose Blades with holder533Your Sign Supply PartnerSign SuppliesSign Tools & Supplies

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