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2018 Components Catalog NEW Sign SuppliesReplacement Plastic Razor BladesThese packages are great for large volume users, and are offered in each blade type available. The blades  t most standard blade holders. Blade holder sold separately.SR100PCB100 Pack Blue Polycarbonate Razor BladesSR100ACY100 Pack Yellow Acrylic Razor BladesSR100GPO100 Pack Orange General Purpose Razor BladesSR100Bi100 Pack Black Industrial Razor BladesPolycarb PCBIdeal for hard, uneven surfaces.• Fiberglass • Gelcoat• Gaskets• Soft Metals • Bathtubs• Unfinished WoodAcrylic ACYIdeal for hard, flat surfaces.• Windows• Granite and Marble • Metal• Rigid surfacesGeneral Purpose GPOIdeal for delicate surfaces.• Auto Paint• Finished Wood• Painted Surfaces • PlasticsIndustrial BIIdeal for repeated heavy duty use where durability is a must.• Industrial Applications • Trade ApplicationsSCRAPERITE® PRODUCTS ARELil' Gripper Point of Purchase Counter Display BoxCounter display boxes are offered with each blade type except the Black Industrial Blades. Each box includes 50 yellow blade grippers with one (1) blade inserted.CDBLGACYLil' Gripper POP Display Box 50 Pack Yellow Blade Gripper with 1 Yellow Acrylic Blade InsertedCDBLGPCBLil' Gripper POP Display Box 50 Pack Yellow Blade Gripper with 1 Blue Polycarbonate Blade InsertedCDBLGGPOLil' Gripper POP Display Box 50 Pack Yellow Blade Gripper with 1 Orange General Purpose Blade InsertedALLBig Blade Removal ToolsPlastic razor blades are designed to help remove large pressure sensitive materials from an array of surfaces that scratch easily. They are safe, strong, reusable.Chizzler Removal ToolThis one-size polycarbonate tool is great for removing materials or applying it in tight corners. Rolled edges scrape without marring. This low pro le design has one  at side and one side slightly beveled. The center thumb spot offers extra comfort and grip.LD5003Lightweight Removal Tool Size: 2.3125" x 3"LD7105Rigid Pearl Chemically Resistant Plastic Razor Blade Size: 3" x 4"Chemically ResistantLD7104Flexible Blue Indigo Chemically Resistant Plastic Razor Blade Size: 3" x 4"LD7100Firm Green Plastic Razor Blade Size: 3" x 4"JDS Industries • 855.661.2388 • jdssignsupply.com534J JSign Tools & SuppliesSign Supplies

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