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2018 Components Catalog NEW Sign SuppliesFelt Squeegee SleevesReusable felt sleeves  t "industry standard" Squeegees. Simply rotating the sleeve around your squeegee provides you with multiple clean edge surfaces, minimizingdirt and static. The sleeve helps prevent nicks in the squeegee edge from damaging your vinyl.3M TM Low FrictionSqueegee SleevesThese reusable sleeves slip over the 3M PA1-B and PA1-G to help protect your vinyl from scratches. These sleeves also  t the 4" SQ101 Blue Tromart Squeegee.FitsSQUEEGEESUSALD6002FitsSQUEEGEESSA-15 Pack,4" Reusable Low Friction Squeegee Sleevemade in the6" Reusable Felt Squeegee SleeveLD60014" Reusable Felt Squeegee Sleeve3M TM PA1-B Blue Squeegee and PA1-G Gold ApplicatorBlue Squeegee - This  exible blue squeegee is durable and inexpensive. Gold Applicator - Firmer than the Blue Squeegee, this reinforced nylon gold applicator keeps its edge and lasts longer than ordinary squeegees.made in theUSAFitsPA1-BFlexible Blue SqueegeePA1-GFirm Nylon Gold ApplicatorLOW FRICTIONSQUEEGEE SLEEVESWet Edge SqueegeeThis Te on squeegee, with a unique micro ber edge, is ideal for wet applications. Applying water to the Wet Edge side allows the squeegee to glide over media without scratching while reducing friction.Felt Squeegee BlockThis applicator is ideal to use with digital print mountingor installing on glass. Designed for applying vinyl materials to avoid scratching.FSB01Felt Squeegee Block Size: 4" x 2 3/4" x 1/2"WES4" Wet Edge SqueegeeKota Pro Soft Blue 4" & 6" SqueegeeThis  exible blue squeegee is durable and inexpensive.SQ1014" Blue Soft SqueegeeSQ1026" Blue Soft SqueegeeFits4" LOW FRICTIONSQUEEGEE SLEEVESJDS Industries • 855.661.2388 • jdssignsupply.com536J JSign Tools & SuppliesSign Supplies

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