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2018 Components Catalog NEW Sign SuppliesRapid Prep - Surface PrepRapid Prep is a water based solvent that is a safeand super effective deep cleaner, ideal for surface prep.It is designed to work in one minute to remove wax, silicone, grease, oil and other surface build-ups. For best vinyl adhesion results, apply Rapid Prep to substrate before application.made in the32 oz.BOTTLESCOME WITHSPRAY NOZZLEUSARP-51285-1Rapid Prep Size: 1 GallonRP-50325-5Rapid Prep with Spray Nozzle Size: 32 oz.Rapid Tac Application FluidRapid Tac allows installers more control over their applications; making it easier to apply vinyl without wrinkles or bubbles. This application  uid also cleans the vinyl without leaving residue, ensuring a contaminant free installation.Rapid Remover Adhesive RemoverRapid Remover is a water based solvent that quickly and safely lifts most adhesives in 30 to 60 seconds without damage to most paintedor bare metal surfaces. Simply spray it on, wait 30 to 60 seconds, and easily wipe away residue with a plastic squeegee and paper towel with no mess.RT-11281-5Rapid Tac Size: 1 GallonRapid Tac II - Application FluidRapid Tac II was designed for "Premium Cast"  lms and promotes faster bonding than the Original Rapid Tac product. This application  uid is ideal for cold weather and glass applications. In warmer conditions always pretest, because Rapid Tac II may bond too quickly with premium cast  lms.RT-10321-9Rapid Tac with Spray Nozzle Size: 32 oz.RR-30323-7Rapid Remover with Spray Nozzle Size: 32 oz.RT2-71287-9Rapid Tac II Size: 1 GallonRT2-70327-3Rapid Tac II with Spray Nozzle Size: 32 oz.RR-31283-3Rapid Remover Size: 1 Gallon3M TM Primer 94 - Adhesion PrepPromotes adhesion to polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, PET/PBT blends and other substrates that are dif cult to stick to.PRIMER94CAdhesion Prep .66MLmade in theUSAPRIMER94AAdhesion Prep 8 oz.JDS Industries • 855.661.2388 • jdssignsupply.com538J JSign Tools & SuppliesSign Supplies

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