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Sign Supplies JDS Industries, Inc. JDS Industries, Inc.NEWJRS Desk Holders & Basesmade in theJDS Industries, Inc.USAAP Customers get 1000 piece price for any 25 mixed JRS Frames.Part No.Insert SizeFrame LengthAB4"6"7"7 1/2"8"10"12"JRS853/4"1/16"JRS251"1/16"StockStockStockJRS541 1/4"1/16"JRS701 1/2"1/16"StockStockJRS191 1/2"1/8"JRS141 5/8"1/16"JRS482"1/16"Stock*†Stock*†Stock*JRS112"1/8"StockStockJRS163 1/4"1/8"StockCompleted Example * JRS48 stocked in 8", 10" & 12" Black (add “BL” to part #). † JRS48 stocked in 8" & 10" Satin Silver (add “SS” to part #).Part No.Insert SizeFrame LengthAB8"10"JRS592"1/16"StockStockPart No.Insert SizeFrame LengthAB8"9"10"JRS311 1/2"1/16"StockStockJRS302"1/16"StockStockPart No.Insert SizeFrame LengthAB8"10"JRS342"1/16"Part No.Insert SizeMaximum Sign HeightFrame LengthAB6"7 1/2"8"10"12"JRS153/4"1/16"2"StockStockStockJRS5015/16"1/16"3"StockStockStockJRS971 7/16"1/16"7"StockJRS1713/32"1/8"4"Stock items carried in bright rose gold and bright silver (satin silver and black where indicated). All other colors and sizes please expect 3-4 week delivery.A set of all JRS aluminum colors is available, item #JRSSWATCHCUse This Example To Order JRS Items:Length Must Be Two Digits For Example 8" = 08Part No. Length J R S 3 6 - 0 8 GColorG for GoldS for SilverBL for Black SS for Satin Silver557Your Sign Supply PartnerSign SuppliesStandoff & Sign Frames{

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