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2018 Components Catalog NEW Sign SuppliesJRS Desk & Multiple Sign Holdersmade in theUSAAP Customers get 1000 piece price for any 25 mixed JRS Frames.Part No.Insert SizeMaximum Sign HeightFrame LengthAB5"8"10"JRS401 1/4"1/16"3"Part No.Insert SizeMaximum Sign HeightFrame LengthAB6"8"10"12"JRS351 1/4"1/16"6"StockStockJRS421 1/4"1/8"6"StockJRS222 1/2"1/8"12"StockStockPart No.Insert SizeMaximum Sign HeightFrame LengthAB8"10"JRSP1002"1/16"6"StockStockJRSP100 is a molded plastic base with highly polished surfaces available in lustrous clear and ebony black. Add a “C” for clear or “B” for black to the part number when placing orders. 1/16” plates up to 6” snap into place.Part No.Insert SizeFrame LengthABC9"10"12"JRS232"1 1/2"1/16"StockPart No.Insert SizeFrame LengthABC8"10"JRS611"1 1/4"1/16"Part No.Insert SizeFrame LengthABC6"8"10"JRS711 1/4"1 1/4"1/16"StockStockJRS332"2"1/16"StockStockPart No.Insert SizeFrame LengthABC8"10"JRS602"1 1/2"1/16"Stock items carried in bright rose gold and bright silver.All other colors and sizes please expect 3-4 week delivery.All holders are highly polished and anodized polished rose gold or polished silver, enhancing any decor. Custom lengths and three custom colors, (matte black, satin silver and polished yellow gold) are available by special order at no extra cost. Satin yellow gold, satin rose gold and arch bronze add 25% to prices.Styles and sizes are indicated by part number, length and  nish.CJDS Industries • 855.661.2388 • jdssignsupply.com558J JStandoff & Sign FramesSign Supplies

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