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2018 Components Catalog Gifts & EngravablesLaserable Leatherette Coaster SetsBlack lasers to either gold or silver. Rustic lasers to gold.All other colors laser to black. Coaster sets include 6 coasters.Case Qty: 4Laserable Leatherette CoastersGFT2374" Light Brown Round Coaster SetGFT2394" x 4" Light Brown Square Coaster SetGFT4054" GrayRound Coaster SetGFT4094" x 4" Gray Square Coaster SetGFT2384" Dark Brown Round Coaster SetGFT2404" x 4" Dark Brown Square Coaster SetGFT4064" BlueRound Coaster SetGFT4104" x 4" Blue Square Coaster SetGFT2834" Black/Silver Round Coaster SetGFT2844" x 4" Black/Silver Square Coaster SetGFT260A4" Black/Gold Round Coaster SetGFT261A4" x 4" Black/Gold Square Coaster SetGFT4074" RoséRound Coaster SetGFT4114" x 4" Rosé Square Coaster SetNEWGFT7204" Rustic/Gold Round Coaster SetGFT7214" x 4" Rustic/Gold Square Coaster SetGFT2814" RawhideRound Coaster SetGFT2824" x 4" Rawhide Square Coaster SetGFT4084" PinkRound Coaster SetGFT4124" x 4" PinkSquare Coaster SetCoaster Sets Individually BoxedBlack lasers to either gold or silver. Rustic lasers to gold. All other colors laser to black. Case Qty: 6GFT1954" Light Brown Round CoasterGFT1934" x 4" Light Brown Square CoasterGFT3824" GrayRound Coaster GFT3784" x 4" Gray Square CoasterGFT1964" Dark Brown Round CoasterGFT1944" x 4" Dark Brown Square CoasterGFT3834" BlueRound Coaster GFT3794" x 4" Blue Square CoasterGFT6194" Black/Silver Round CoasterGFT6184" x 4" Black/Silver Square CoasterGFT251A4" Black/Gold Round CoasterGFT250A4" x 4" Black/Gold Square CoasterGFT3844" Rosé Round CoasterGFT3804" x 4" Rosé Square CoasterGFT7114" Rustic/Gold Round Coaster GFT7104" x 4" Rustic/Gold Square CoasterGFT2724" Rawhide Round Coaster GFT2714" x 4" Rawhide Square CoasterGFT3854" PinkRound CoasterGFT3814" x 4" Pink Square CoasterNEWCST02 Bamboo Holder only,see page 49. Shown with GFT195. Coasters and holders sold separately.CCWhere Your Business Is Always Appreciated56J JGifts & Engravables

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