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Engraving Materials & Supplies JDS Industries, Inc.Laser•IT MetalLaser•IT Aluminum is .020" thick. 12" x 24" Sheet.Laser•IT Brass Plated Steel is .016" thick. 12" x 24" Sheet.made in theJDS Industries, Inc.USAALUM621Laser•IT Aluminum BlackLasers GoldALUM622Laser•IT Aluminum RedLasers SilverALUM623Laser•IT Aluminum BlueLasers SilverALUM624Laser•IT Aluminum GreenLasers SilverALUM629Laser•IT Aluminum BlackLasers SilverBST621Laser•IT Steel BlackLasers GoldBST622Laser•IT Steel RedLasers GoldBST623Laser•IT Steel BlueLasers GoldBST624Laser•IT Steel GreenLasers GoldFREE SAMPLE SET #LASERITSETBST622 lasered plate shown on GWES8100 plaque.SAMPLE CARD with Mounted Pieces of all JDS Metal Engraving and Sublimation Stock shown on pages 565-576.Part #METSWATCHUltra Laser Aluminum.020" Thickness, 12" x 24" Laserable Aluminum.FREE SAMPLE SET #ULTRASET3CULT201Ultra Laser Matte Gold Lasers BlackULT202Ultra Laser Matte Silver Lasers BlackULT203Ultra Laser Gloss Black Lasers GoldULT204Ultra Laser Gloss Black Lasers SilverCustomers get 100 sheet price when you order 25 mixed sheets.- All Metal Sheet Stock is intended for indoor use only unless otherwise noted -C567Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Engraving Materials & Supplies

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