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2018 Components Catalog Engraving Materials & SuppliesAnodized AluminumAll Anodized Aluminum is double sided unless otherwise noted. Anodized Aluminum is .025" thick. 12" x 24" Sheet.made in theALUM901Bright Black Lasers WhiteALUM905Bright Gold Lasers WhiteALUM902Bright Red Lasers WhiteALUM906Bright Silver Lasers WhiteALUM903Bright Blue Lasers WhiteALUM909Black OutdoorUV StableLasers Gray (1-Sided)ALUM904Bright Green Lasers WhiteFREE SAMPLE SET #ANDZSET• Durable*• Consistent• 100% RecyclableUSAGreat for industrial tags and signageC* The anodized surface is sapphire hard, second only to the diamond on the Mohs scale, and resists scratching and abrasion better than coated materials.- All Metal Sheet Stock is intended for indoor use only unless otherwise noted -Customers get 100 sheet price when you order 25 mixed sheets.Where Your Business Is Always Appreciated568J JEngraving Materials & Supplies

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