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Engraving Materials & Supplies JDS Industries, Inc.Brass Engraving Stockmade in theJDS Industries, Inc.USAAll colors of Brass Engraving Stock engrave gold.All Brass Engraving Stock is .020" thick unless otherwise noted. Sheets are 12" x 24".CBRA482 .020"Laserable Black Engraves GoldBRA492 .016"Laserable Black Engraves GoldBRA460Bright Gold Engraves GoldBRA461Satin Gold Engraves GoldBRA462Black Engraves GoldBRA463Brown Engraves GoldBRA464BlueEngraves GoldBRA467Purple Engraves GoldBRA468Maroon Engraves GoldBRA469Forest Green Engraves GoldBRA471Royal Blue Engraves GoldBRA472Cherry Red Engraves GoldBRA462 engraved plate shown on CFP10 plaque.CUSTOM CUT ALUMINUM, BRASS & BRASS PLATED STEEL is available. F.O.B. Sioux Falls, SD only. Normal production, 3-5 days. See page 9-10.Brass Marbleized Sheet StockAll colors of Brass Marbleized Sheet Stock engrave gold.All Brass Marbleized Sheet Stock is .016" thick. Sheets are 12" x 24".made in theUSACMB801Green Marble Engraves GoldMB802Red Marble Engraves GoldMB803Black Marble Engraves GoldMB804Blue Marble Engraves GoldMB801 engraved plate shown on GW8X10 plaque.Customers get 100 sheet price when you order 25 mixed sheets.- All Metal Sheet Stock is intended for indoor use only unless otherwise noted -571Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Engraving Materials & Supplies

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