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Engraving Materials & Supplies JDS Industries, Inc.Seklema - Hold Down MatSEKLEMA is a 2-sided self healing material designed to hold materials on yourJDS Industries, Inc.engraving table without the use of table tapes or jigs. SEKLEMA works with both metal and plastic engraving stock as well as many other materials designed for engraving. SEKLEMA is re-usable, non-stick material that can be easily cleaned with only a soft sponge and water.Holds Material on Engraving Table with No Adhesive!Part No.DescriptionCase Qty.MAT1E12" x 12" SEKLEMA Mat1MAT1Q12" x 24" SEKLEMA Mat1MAT1H24" x 24" SEKLEMA Mat1MAT124" x 48" SEKLEMA Mat1How long will Multi-Mat/Seklema Last?The life span of Multi-Mat/Seklema depends on many factors including type of use( IE: engraving, profiling through material, or laser hold down), proper cleaning and handling. The average user can expect many months or even years of use. Since Multi-Mat/Seklema is double sided, its life span is doubled when compared to other single sided products.What is the cleaning procedure for Multi-Mat/Seklema?Cleaning Multi-Mat/Seklema is simple and easy. Merely use a soft sponge and running water to remove chips, dust or dirt, and then allow to dry.How is Multi-Mat/Seklema affixed to the engraving table, and can it be removed?Because Multi-Mat/Seklema is double sided, it holds itselfto the engraving table top. No double stick tapes, vacuums, or clamps are necessary; Multi-Mat/Seklema can be easily removed and stored, then reinstalled by placing it in position and gently pressing down.Is there any clean up required after using Multi-Mat/Seklema?For most situations the answer is no, however Multi-Mat/ Seklema does leave a slight oily residue on some engraving plates. This residue can be easily removed with cloth and rubbing alcohol, or the double stick tape can be applied to the plate before engraving, and then used with Multi-Mat/ Seklema.What happens if I cut through the engraving material into Multi-Mat/ Seklema, is it ruined ?Multi-Mat/Seklema has a self healing feature. Small cutsin the surface of Multi-Mat/Seklema should not cause problems, and seem to heal themselves. Of course, continued cuts over a long period of time will degrade the effectiveness of Multi-Mat/Seklema. Many small enclosed cuts (closed path such as a series of circles, or squares) could cause sections of the mat to come out which would degrade its performance.Multi-Mat/Seklema seems expensive, how can I justify paying that much?Although Multi-Mat/Seklema will wear out eventually, it is not really a consumable item like double stick hold down tape or labor. Multi-Mat/Seklema makes life a lot easier for the engraver, and will pay for itself very quickly in time saved and ease of use. When the cost of double stick hold down tape, along with the associated time and labor needed for application and removal is figured in, Multi-Mat/Seklema becomes very cost effective.C585Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Engraving Materials & Supplies

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