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Engraving Materials & Supplies JDS Industries, Inc.Spectrum Lightsmade in theCapsheet: .001"JDS Industries, Inc.USACFull Sheet: 12" x 24"Use: Interior/Exterior.004" thick self-adhesive laserable or engravable ultra thin material. Great for cutouts and interior/exterior use.Case Qty: 10All Spectrum Lights are Self-Adhesive.S61Black/WhiteS68Yellow/BlackLASERmagsS62 S63White/Black Brushed Silver/BlackS69 S73Brushed Smooth Bronze/Black Silver/Black*S64 S65 Brushed Black/GoldBrass/Black*S74 S75 Smooth Black/SilverGold/Black* S64 & S74 for Indoor use only.Full Sheet: 12" x 24" Use: Interior.020 thick laserable sheets of Flexible Magnetic Material. Case Qty: 10LM63 LM64 LM65 Brushed Brushed Black/GoldSilver/Black Gold/BlackLASERmag items can be cut with a shear or laser.made in theUSAC591Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Engraving Materials & Supplies

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