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2018 Components Catalog Engraving Materials & SuppliesJDS FLEXTMCapsheet: .003" Full Sheet: 24" x 49" Use: InteriorJDS FLEXTM.020" thick self-adhesive plastic engraving material.made in theUSACJDSFLEX01 JDSFLEX02Brushed Brushed Gold/Black Aluminum/BlackJDS FLEXTM PremierJDSFLEX04Brushed Copper/BlackJDSFLEX06Gloss Black/GoldJDSFLEX07Matte Black/GoldIncludes a 4" x 4" piece of each. 7 pieces total.Ideal for Trophy Plates!FREE SAMPLE SET #JDSFLEXSET1.020" thick self-adhesive plastic engraving material. Unique brushed  nish dramatically reduces  ngerprints.Add “Q” for quarter sheet (12" x 24") or “H” for half sheet (24" x 24") to the end of the part number when ordering. Part number as listed indicates “Full” sheet.IMPORTANT:JDSFLEX01PRBrushed Gold/BlackJDSFLEX02PRBrushed Aluminum/BlackAP Customers get best price when ordering any 10 quarter sheets, 10 half sheets or 5 full sheets of plastic sheet stock.Capabilities:ScoresDrillsScreen Prints Thermal PrintSawsLaser vector cuts Hot stampsShearsBevelsFine engravingJDS UltraThinsTMCapsheet: .001" Full Sheet: 12" x 24" Use: InteriorJDS UltraThinsTM.004" thick self-adhesive plastic engraving material. Case Qty: 10made in theUSACJDSULT01QBrushed Gold/BlackJDSULT08QGloss Black/SilverJDSULT02QBrushed Aluminum/BlackJDSULT09QGloss Black/WhiteJDSULT04QBrushed Copper/BlackJDSULT10QWhite/BlackJDSULT06QGloss Black/GoldJDSULT11QYellow/BlackFREE SAMPLE SET #ULTRATHINSETIncludes a 4" x 4" piece of each. 8 pieces total.Ideal for Trophy Plates! 12" x 24" ONLY.Where Your Business Is Always Appreciated592J JEngraving Materials & Supplies

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