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Engraving Materials & Supplies JDS Industries, Inc.Duets Laser Indoor Sheet Stockmade in theCapsheet: .003"JDS Industries, Inc.1/16" Thick Woods & MarblesUSAFull Sheet: 24" x 49"for indoor use. It comes in several  nishes including gloss, patterned,Duets Laser Indoor Sheet Stock is a microsurfaced impact modi ed acrylicCbrushed or gloss metal  nishes for precision engraving. The Clear-Guard® Use: Interior option is great for smudge resistance in areas of high traf c. This substrateis great for way nding, awards and recognition, retail display, interior branding, name tags, plates and labels.L-W11-116Black Walnut/White†L-W52-106Birch/BlackL-W10-116Walnut/White†L-W52-166Birch/Chocolate BrownL-W50-116Cherry/WhiteL-P10-126Roman Red Marble/Gold†L-804-106 L-804-106-CG* Brushed Gold/BlackL-809-106 L-809-106-CG* Silver/BlackL-W51-116Royal Mahogany/WhiteL-P11-126Blue Marble/Gold†L-805-106 L-805-106-CG* BrushedSatin Gold/BlackL-810-106 L-810-106-CG* Gold/BlackL-W50-206Cherry/AlmondL-P13-196Graphite/Silver†L-807-106 –BrushedBright Copper/BlackL-813-106 –Deep Bronze/BlackL-W51-206Royal Mahogany/Almond1/16" Thick MetalsL-801-106 L-801-106-CG* Brushed Aluminum/BlackL-806-106 –BrushedMedium Bronze/BlackL-802-106 L-802-106-CG* Brushed Silver/BlackL-806-116 –BrushedMedium Bronze/WhiteL-808-106 –Brushed Bronze/Black1/8" Metals are also available by special order.SPECIAL ORDERCustom combinations of colors available (Set up fee may apply.) 2-Ply, 1/16" & 1/8" by special order.*CG – Indicates Clear-Guard® option for smudge resistance in high traf c areas † May be slightly under 24"SPECIAL ORDERDuets Sample Swatch Binder:Capabilities:ScoresShearsHeat bendable Fine engravingSawsLaser vector cuts Screen prints BondsDrills BevelsHot stampsA set displaying all Duets® Colors. Item #DBINDER FREE samples and binder swatch replacements! Contact us today.IMPORTANT:Add “Q” for quarter sheet (12" x 24") or “H” for half sheet (24" x 24") to the end of the part number when ordering. Part number as listed indicates “Full” sheet.AP Customers get best price when ordering any 10 quarter sheets, 10 half sheets or 5 full sheets of plastic sheet stock.597Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Engraving Materials & Supplies

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