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2018 Components Catalog Engraving Materials & SuppliesDuets Laser XT Reverse Sheet Stockmade in theCapsheet: .003"Duets Laser XT Reverse Sheet Stock is a microsurfaced impact modi ed acrylic for indoor and outdoor use. It makes a statement with a sturdy 2-ply material consisting of a clear top layer and colored back layer. This substrate is great for way nding, retail display, exhibit display and interior branding. It looks great with backlighting or backpainting added.1/16" Thick Matte (Non-Glare) - For interior & exterior use.SPECIAL ORDER1/8" Also available by special order.Duets Sample Swatch Binder:USACFull Sheet: Use:24" x 49" Interior/ ExteriorL-000-216Clear Matte/MaroonL-000-286Clear Matte/Cool GreyL-000-246Clear Matte/OrangeL-000-276Clear Matte/BeigeL-000-156Clear Matte/BlueL-000-266Clear Matte/KhakiL-000-256Clear Matte/SapphireL-000-116Clear Matte/WhiteL-000-226Clear Matte/NavyL-000-106Clear Matte/BlackL-000-236Clear Matte/Dove Grey1/16" Thick Matte (Non-Glare) - For interior use only. L-000-196 L-000-126Clear Matte/Silver* Clear Matte/Gold*(*Gold and Silver are not UV stable)Capabilities:SawsScreen prints BondsLaser vector cuts Hot stampsUV stable*BevelsFine engravingA set displaying all Duets® Colors. Item #DBINDER FREE samples and binder swatch replacements! Contact us today.IMPORTANT:Add “Q” for quarter sheet (12" x 24") or “H” for half sheet (24" x 24") to the end of the part number when ordering. Part number as listed indicates “Full” sheet.AP Customers get best price when ordering any 10 quarter sheets, 10 half sheets or 5 full sheets of plastic sheet stock.Where Your Business Is Always Appreciated598J JEngraving Materials & Supplies

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