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Engraving Materials & Supplies JDS Industries, Inc.Duets Rotary Indoor Sheet Stockmade in theCapsheet: .003"JDS Industries, Inc.USA1/16" Thick Matte (Non-Glare)Duets Rotary Indoor Sheet Stock is a microsurfaced ABS for indoorCuse. It comes in several  nishes including gloss, patterned, brushedFull Sheet: 24" x 49"Use: Interior tags and plates, industrial labeling and awards and recognition.or gloss metal  nishes. This substrate is great for way nding, nameR-117-116Maroon/WhiteR-106-116Navy/WhiteR-112-116Dove Grey/WhiteR-102-116Red/WhiteR-107-116Spring Green/WhiteR-113-116Cool Grey/WhiteR-111-106White/BlackR-119-116Pink/WhiteR-103-116Orange/WhiteR-108-116Evergreen/WhiteR-113-106Cool Grey/BlackR-111-216White/MaroonR-119-106Pink/BlackR-116-106Yellow/BlackR-109-116Chocolate Brown/WhiteR-113-226Cool Grey/NavyR-111-136White/RedR-104-116Blue/WhiteR-110-116Brown/WhiteR-113-216Cool Grey/MaroonR-111-156White/BlueR-122-116Light Green/WhiteR-105-116Sapphire/WhiteR-100-116Black/WhiteR-114-166Beige/Chocolate BrownR-111-176White/Spring GreenR-111-186White/EvergreenR-115-106Khaki/BlackR-118-116Grey/WhiteSPECIAL ORDERR-120-116Purple/WhiteR-121-116Light Blue/WhiteCustom combinations of colors available (Set up fee may apply.)(1/8" available in 2-ply & 3-ply with black or white base color.)Duets Sample Swatch Binder:Capabilities:Scores Shears Screen prints BondsSaws BevelsHot stampsDrillsHeat bendable Fine engravingA set displaying all Duets® Colors. Item #DBINDER FREE samples and binder swatch replacements! Contact us today.IMPORTANT:Add “Q” for quarter sheet (12" x 24") or “H” for half sheet (24" x 24") to the end of the part number when ordering. Part number as listed indicates “Full” sheet.AP Customers get best price when ordering any 10 quarter sheets, 10 half sheets or 5 full sheets of plastic sheet stock.601Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Engraving Materials & Supplies

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