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Engraving Materials & Supplies JDS Industries, Inc.Badge FindingsCase Qty: 100JDS Industries, Inc.JD130DJD135DClips and Badge HoldersJD133D JD134DJD138DJD132DJD136DJD139DPlastic & Acrylic Bonding SolutionPart No.DescriptionCase Qty.JD130DSelf-Adhesive Bulldog Clip100JD132DSelf-Adhesive Plastic Bulldog Clip100JD133DSelf-Adhesive Plastic Bulldog Clip with Pin100JD134DBulldog Clip with Plastic Strap100JD135DVinyl Backed Bulldog Clip100JD136DSelf-Adhesive Bulldog Clip with Pin100JD138DBadge Adaptor with Clip100JD139DAlligator Clip with Adhesive and Pin100PBS11 quart (fast drying,clear liquid solvent for welding plastic or acrylic)NOTE: PBS1 cannot be shipped by air. PBS1 can ship via UPS Ground in contiguous US.JD150D JD152D JD153Dmade in theUSAJD101DJD102DJD103DJD110DJD120DJD121DJD155DJD156DJD140DJD154DSelf-Adhesive and Glue On Bar PinsCPart No.DescriptionCase Qty.JD155D1 1/2" Black Side Opening Vinyl Backed Bar Pin100JD156D1 1/2" Black Side Opening Self-Adhesive Bar Pin100JD140DClear Double Post Bar Pin with Clutches100JD154DBlack Self-Adhesive Double Post Bar Pin with Clutches100JD150DButterfly Clutch100JD152DClear Single Post Pin with Clutch100JD153DBlack Single Post Pin with Clutch100Part No.DescriptionCase Qty.JD101D1 1/2" White Rounded Plastic Bar Pin100JD102D1 1/2" White Rounded Self-Adhesive Plastic Bar Pin100JD103D1 1/2" White Square Self-Adhesive Plastic Bar Pin100JD110D1 1/2" Clear Top Opening Vinyl Backed Bar Pin100JD120D1 1/2" Clear Top Opening Self-Adhesive Bar Pin100JD121D1 1/2" Blue Side Opening Self-Adhesive Bar Pin100609Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Engraving Materials & Supplies

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