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Plaques & Accessories JDS Industries, Inc.Plaque HardwareJDS Industries, Inc.Specify Gold or Silver when ordering by adding “G” for Gold or “S” for Silver.Screws, Rosettes and Nails sold only in increments of 100. Case Qty: 500Case Qty: 10H50#2 x 1/4" Slotted Plaque ScrewH51#2 x 3/8" Slotted Plaque ScrewH52 H40#2 x 1/4" Phillips Flat Rosette Plaque ScrewH53 H41H803/8" Cone Head Plaque NailH903/8" Domed Head Plaque NailPlaque Hardware & Key RingsCase Qty: 100#2 x 3/8" Phillips Plaque ScrewCrown RosetteSP134G1 1/8" diameter Gold Split Key RingSP134S1 1/8" diameter Silver Split Key RingH70Plaque Hanger Size: 1 1/8"H71Saw Tooth Hanger Size: 2 5/8"H72Plaque Hanger Screw Size: 3/8"H70-H72 Available in Silver OnlyFelt Dots & Bump-Onsmade in theCase Qty: 1Brown Felt Dots Roll of 1000 Dot Size: 3/8" DiameterH101BN BS7Brown Felt Dots Roll of 1000 Dot Size: 1/2" DiameterAccepts 3/4" DiscGPK50Gold Metal Key with stud Size: 5 1/2"Clear Sheet of 144 Bump-Ons Dot Size: 3/8" DiameterUSAH100Green Felt Dots Roll of 1000 Dot Size: 3/8" DiameterH101Green Felt Dots Roll of 1000 Dot Size: 1/2" DiameterH100BNMetal Plaque AccessoriesGPS5Gold Metal Shovel with stud Size: 5 1/2"GMG4Gold Metal Gavel with stud Size: 4"For Plastic Plaque Accessories see page 955-957, 959-960.CCCC617Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Plaques & Accessories→

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