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2018 Components Catalog Plaques & AccessoriesTop Load Photo FramesTop Load Photo Frames can be mounted to any  at surface. Adhesive not included. Case Qty: 100Thin plastic photo sleeves. Photo simply slides in.Plexiglass FoldoversMakes changing photos easy. Designed with 4 holes for vertical mounting. Case Qty: 25See page 630 for completed plaques using foldovers.4 Holes For MountingCompleted ExamplePart No.Holds PhotoCase Qty.TL342 3/4" x 3 3/4"100TL35X3 1/2" x 5"100TL464" x 6"100TL575" x 7"100TL8108" x 10"100TL8118 1/2" x 11"100Part No.Holds PhotoCase Qty.PF13 5/8" x 4"*25PF23 1/2" x 5"25PF34" x 6"25PF45" x 7"25PF68" x 10"25PF78 1/2" x 11"25* Polaroid® sizeCCWhere Your Business Is Always Appreciated618J JPlaques & Accessories

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