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Plaques & Accessories JDS Industries, Inc.Recognition WindowTM Boxesmade in theJDS Industries, Inc.USAPremium quality plaque presentation boxes provide maximum visibility and protection.Boxes hold plaques up to 7/8" thick.Part No.For Plaque SizesCase Qty.RW4064 1/4" x 6"100RW5075" x 7"100RW6086" x 8"100RW7097" x 9"100RW80108" x 10"100RW90129" x 12"100RW101310 1/2" x 13"100RW121512" x 15"100Locking Tab DesignClear Poly Window Provides Maximum Protection & VisibilityBlack Regal Plaque Presentation BoxesImpress your customers with these elegant plaque boxes.Boxes hold plaques up to 1" thick.SAMPLE SET #RPBSET1Satin lined foam interiorPart No.For Plaque SizesCase Qty.RPB18108" x 10"12RPB19129" x 12"12RPB1101310 1/2" x 13"6White Plaque Presentation Boxes USA Plaque Presentation Boxes are the professional way to protect what you have created.Boxes hold plaques up to 1" thick.Made from high test cardboard for shipping strength!made in theCCCPart No.For Plaque SizesCase Qty.PPB574" x 6"5" x 7"50PPB686" x 8"50PPB797" x 9"50PPB8108" x 10"50PPB9129" x 12"50PPB101310 1/2" x 13"50PPB121512" x 15"50623Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Plaques & Accessories

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