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Plaques & Accessories JDS Industries, Inc.Piano Finish Plaques - Rosewood FinishJDS Industries, Inc.PNA and PNC series plaques are high quality, solid wood.SizePart No.Case Qty.6" x 8"PNA68107" x 9"PNA79108" x 10"PNA81069" x 12"PNA912610 1/2" x 13"PNA1013612" x 15"PNA1215616" x 20"*PNA1620218" x 24"*PNA18242ProfileSquare Corner* PNA1620 & PNA1824 are 1" ThickPiano Plaques have a Rounded Edge profile and a Felt Back for added elegance.Round CornerCompleted Example with PNA810 & TP1-68. See page 718.ProfileSizePart No.Case Qty.6" x 8"PNC68107" x 9"PNC79108" x 10"PNC81069" x 12"PNC912610 1/2" x 13"PNC1013612" x 15"PNC12156Completed Example with PNC810 & RC3-68. See page 706.All Plaques on this page are 3/4" thick and have a keyhole on 2 sides.See pages 701-718 for plaque platesC679Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Plaques & Accessories

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